Monday, July 18, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 5:26 AM
Some people resist change while other pray for change. I don't usually resist change but I just air out my views on a certain situation. I adapt well easily but I sometimes pray for change. At this very moment, I am expecting change. I am expecting it for myself and not for everyone. I just need a new air to breathe with. A new perspective and also a new experience.

One will always have a situation in their life where they will take risk or sacrifice. I am not fearless nor coward but I can always do the things unexpectedly. That is what I am feeling now. I want to be free but be sure of one's decision. I want to explore but wants to be productive. I am not getting any younger but I am still aggressive when it comes to spur of the moment decisions. I just hope I won't end up frustrated.

Whatever decisions I am going to do in the coming days, I hope GOD will guide me always and lead me to the right path. Ciao pips!



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