Friday, July 8, 2011


Posted by shierylssi at 7:09 AM
I am still in my late 20's but I think I am experiencing mood swings. Let me just call it at that because lately I felt that I am happy in most days but happiness comes with a price. I also feel so sad and so demotivated to the point that I am crying. Super emotional mode.

This past days, I felt good and super excited but a friend of mine told me that my supervisor overheard that she is talking about me with the other department supervisor. I felt bad and sad because it may mean trouble. Everyday....I feel so paranoid and to the point that I feel that my friends are not talking to me anymore and they are talking behind my back. I hate it!

I felt so alone and so negative inside. Am I that bad to them or they don't want to be bad(that is why they are avoiding me)?
Up to this moment, I feel so weird...I just hope that it's just me and my weird mind but I hope that everything will be fine.I am so moody now...I am crying now...



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