Monday, July 25, 2011


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It's my first entry for RED HOT MONDAYS but I am looking forward for more. My entry for this week is missing the kids in the office and being a kid again.

When Mr. Quimbo was our CEO, we had to celebrate Halloween with kids and be like a kid again. We had our own Halloween costumes to match the kids in the office doing their rounds for trick or treat. The office looked gloomy and very bright red.

This is me clowning around with a corpse(though not a real corpse). I had a fiery red headdress to match the office theme.

Cute Lyka receiving her loot bag of candies and goodies.

Ohh, and there's Elmo...all dolled up and excited to receive his loot bag.

By the way, that's me trying to eat the inedible mushroom. The place looks like Super Mario country with red mushrooms everywhere. The kids surely enjoyed the event as much as I did.

It was one red and scary Halloween after all...'till next Red Hot Mondays...ciao!


wifetoalineman02 said...

Hi Sis,
halloween is one of my favorite holiday here in NY. The kid wearing Elmo is so cute. Visiting from RHm. Here is my entry

gengen said...

Looking great of those costumes...happy red hot Mondays...mine is up...

Rcel said...

kasay sa halloween diring dapita dah! nice! :)

My reds for this week:
Red Bench, Triz's Red TV Set
Fiery Red Flowers in the Nightsky
I hope to see you land on my pages! :)

Tina said...

Halloween is already the topic of our evening talks with the kiddos.

Already telling me what would their outfit for Trick or Treat.. :)

visiting from RHM


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