Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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I have always wanted to travel with my family and it happened last September 2009. Our first time in Cebu and I am so excited with the idea that we are going together to relax and enjoy Cebu.

This is my parents before boarding the plane. It's my mother's first time to ride a plane but I bet she's very excited because of the excitement on her face.

Went to Semala, Cebu to visit the Virgin Mary Shrine. Here with relatives from Carcar, Cebu who accompanied us on our trip. I already miss them so much.

My parents and I in Ayala Cebu. We love Ayala so much and we want to come back again and enjoy their chain of al fresco restaurants.

My parents in two of Cebu's famous landmarks, the Cebu Provincial Capitol and Magellan's Cross. I just hope my parents had a great time during that trip and felt relaxed after that. I would love to go back to Cebu with my parents again but maybe with a Bohol trip to top that.

One can learn so much with every places he/she visits. For me, I learned so much and also enjoyed some quality time with my parents.

(Note: Don't mind the date below the picture....I didn't set the camera date before the trip)


Pinx said...

oh i miss Cebu, even if i'm just a two hour ride away via the fastcraft, i still miss that place. on your next visit, drop by bohol! was here for TT!

Vernz@ Virtual Traveler said...

O miss Sinulog...hope one of these days we could fly back there! :)was here for TT.

Marites said...

Glad to see you're back. the place looks familiar hehehehe! nice shots!

nancy said...

Glad you enjoyed Cebu...

I lived for about a year in Cebu but never got the chance to explore the place where the famous landmarks are and that just makes me want to go back there. I also missed Sinulog. Too bad!

chie of whereabouts said...

i've been to Cebu but never had to chance to explore its beauty. i wanted so much to visit this Giant Cross pa naman..

here for TT. hope u could visit back

bev said...

never been to cebu sis...sana soon makapunta din kmi ng faily ko...

Rcel said...

Traveling is indeed a great way for a family to bond. I can tell you had a wonderful time! Nice! :)

Visiting late for TT. My share is My FIRST HOP in LAS VEGAS. Hope you can stop by!

The Travel Diva said...

What fun to be traveling with family.

Anyways, thanks for joining last week's meme, sis. This week, we are still on travel photos of places:


Hope to see you again!

Wandering Gene said...

How I wish I have relatives in provinces so I have more reason to visit them and have a vacation in their place.

Visiting via Tuesday Travels.


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