Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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It would be a very rare opportunity to watch movies from other country but knowing that it's a Japanese film, I got excited. I have always been fascinated with Japanese culture-their food, music, fashion and even movies. My excitement stopped upon learning that I have a seminar to attend this Saturday and I will meet up with friends for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. I also learned that the movie, Departures won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Oscars in 2009. It also captured the Japanese moviegoers and made its earnings to almost $61 million.

I am so confused right now and the best way to watch this is on Sunday. I'll probably convince my parents to accompany me. It's okay not to watch Departures than not to watch at all. hehehe...Hope you can drop by Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao on the following dates and time:

22 July 2011
4:00pm Your Friend
6:30pm Departures
23 July 2011
11:00am One Million Yen Girl
1:30pm The Chef of South Polar
4:00pm The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:00pm Climber’s High
24 July 2011
11:00am Yunagi City, Sakura Country
1:30pm Summer Days with Coo
4:30pm Feel the Wind
7:15pm Villon’s Wife
See you there and hope you'll enjoy the movie. I am planning to make a review from it so watch out for it guys. Ciao!


Marites said...

Shie, aside from Departures, what other movies are good to see?


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